You will be provided with tools that will make you not only an excellent technician but also a brilliant thinker, being able to design contents as well as to create them and make them truly meaningful. We believe in design as a tool capable of changing, transforming and disrupting realities and people, able to create impact -real impact. We feel responsible to give you the tools to do this.

Visual designer

User Experience designer

Information Designer

Interface Designer

Infographics Designer

DataViz Designer

Data Journalist

Digital Product Designer

Data Storyteller

Science Communication Designer

- You have to be highly interested and eager to learn.

- You have to be ultra-motivated.

- You must have the possibility of adding value to the class environment.

Internship is not mandatory for this masters program. However, ELISAVA can help students finding a trainee position in different companies if said students are interested.

This Masters is a high energy masters. We know you’re eager to do things and jump into the professional world as soon as possible. Therefore, at our intensity, one year will be enough to fulfill your learning experience and to give you all the necessary tools.

- Private room in a shared flat: €400 - €500 / month (bills and taxes included)

- Studio / one person flat: €600-€900 / month (bills and taxes not included)

- Transport: €50 / month

- Food: €40 - €60 / week

- Cafe: €1.5 - €2.5

- Beer: €1.5 - €4

- Gym membership: €35 - €80 / month